Scenome Magazine is a digital, multinational gathering of academically trained writers and editors who possess a mutual affinity for critical writing. Comprised of both critics and fans, Scenome’s love for film is only superseded by its passion to analyze it.

Opposing the trend of aggregating and numerically scoring works of art, Scenome aims to resurrect the era of “The Critic”: a time when persona, wit, and voice evoked pleasure in a fashion numbers and percentages never could.  

To this end, in a collaborative manner unavailable to renown critics of days past, Scenome’s globally diverse staff—from North America to the U.K.; Australia to South Africa—are tantamount to its vision of reviving “The Critic”.

“Long live wit. Long live dissent. Long live ‘The Critic’.”
— Scenome Magazine

If you wish to contact Scenome Magazine’s Owner & Editor-in-Chief, Sam Henry Miller, please email him at: SamHenryMiller@outlook.com